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doublespace in press – Canadian Architect and Arch Record

The latest publications from doublespace photography in Canadian Architect and Architectural Record

We are proud to say that we had the great pleasure to photograph some exceptional work that has been feature in major architectural publications this past month. First, our work on MAD Architects’ Absolute Towers in Mississauga has landed on the cover of Canadian Architect.  We often get asked how the cover image was made, so we thought we’d tell you about it here:

We have always liked the Absolute Towers and had them on our must-shoot list for a while. When we were assigned to photograph them we wanted to do something that not only highlighted their main features (in this case the curvaceous lines and reflective surfaces) but that also underscored their uniqueness. Contrary to what we would normally do, we photographed the towers in high noon and let light do the rest. Given their reflective surface, anything that was directly struck by sunlight was going to be much much brighter than the rest. The position of the sun was such that the entire front curve of the tower was lit up. Instead of exposing as the camera suggested, we chose to underexpose by several orders of magnitude (stops in photographic jargon). In this way, the curve was perfectly exposed while the rest of the scene was plunged into darkness thus providing an abstract quality to the photo. The image is presented essentially as photographed with very little digital enhancement.

doublespace toronto architectural photograph Canadian Architect Cover August 2013
doublespace toronto architectural photograph Canadian Architect August 2013 2
doublespace toronto architectural photograph Canadian Architect August 2013 2

In addition, a few months back we were commissioned by PFS Studios in Vancouver to photograph Underpass Park in Toronto, which is now featured in Architectural Record.

doublespace photography architectural record publication

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