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Leprechauns and other elusive creatures

Panoramic view of lansdowne stadium and Rideau Canal with rainbows and thunderstorm in the background

Canada is truly a glorious and beautiful country, but when it comes to light, I have to say we’re often dealt the short end of the stick. Not that we don’t get great light, it’s just that, well, the weather doesn’t always play nice. So, when you are dealt the right cards, you don’t ask questions. You say thank you very much and head out to take advantage of it.

This is exactly what happened one day last summer: a raging thunderstorm started clearing out just before sunset. Not one second was wasted, we grabbed our gear and headed to the newly re-opened Lansdowne Stadium by Cannon Design. We were greeted with a stunning display of light, including some dramatic golden light, and a rainbow or two… This gorgeous landmark with its stunning wooden envelope was just screaming to be captured in such light.

We were also excited to see our images help this project win the Ontario Wood Works Award in 2014. “The award specifically honors the stadium design team (CannonDesign along with Halsall Associates and Moses Structural Engineers) for its innovative use of wood in the design and construction of the iconic glulam veil that emerges from the stadium landscape and serves both as an enclosure to the brand new South Stands as well as a welcoming natural façade to the historical canal and integral park.”

Closeup view of the bleachers at lansdowne stadium at sunset

Lansdowne stadium's Bird's Nest glowing in sunset light

Lansdowne statdium at dusk as seen from under the bridge

Lansdowne statdium at dusk as seen from the Bank Street Bridge

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