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Commercial Interior Photography – Modern Kitchen Design

We recently shot this gorgeous kitchen for our friends at Astro Design Centre. Informed by his clients’ love of cooking and entertaining – as well as their desire for a large, modern space – designer Nathan Kyle has eliminated the traditional “work triangle” by designing two islands, one for food preparation and the other for plating and dining, and creating different zones for different tasks. The material palette was inspired by the colours and textures of mid-century design.

This was a really  fun shoot; a beautiful space and great people – what more can you ask for? Also, while we love the challenges that come with photographing smaller kitchens, it was nice to have 400 s.f. to work in.  As the space is north-facing, we had  lovely, even natural light throughout, which we supplemented with some subtle fill-light as needed.  The only down-side of this shoot was that after being here, our own kitchen seems even more cramped than before 😉

2-astro delluca kitchen doublespace photography-Edit

14-astro delluca kitchen doublespace photography

19-astro delluca kitchen doublespace photography-Edit

30-astro delluca kitchen doublespace photography-Edit

51-diptych astro delluca kitchen doublespace photography-Edit

99-astro delluca kitchen doublespace photography

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