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Tiny dancer

You may remember Miss E. from our warehouse shoot last year. Earlier this winter, she was back home from New York City for the holidays and contacted us to take some head and full-body shots for her (dancer’s) “book”. We happily obliged – these are some of our favourites of the morning.

Eba wanted a clean and simple look , so we decided to go with a white seamless background and let the artist do all the talking. The lighting set-up for all these images was essentially unchanged. The key light was a strobe in a 64″ silver parabolic modifier at camera left and high. Fill light was provided by another strobe in a 40″ softbox just at the right of the key light, behind the camera. A silver scrim jim was added at camera right to provide some more fill. Two speedlights were used to light the seamless backdrop.

Costume by Eba’s awesome mom; hair and makeup by the talented Natalie Peachy.

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