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Hibernation. This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when confronted with a good, hardy Canadian winter… unfortunately, it is not an option. Spring is definitely on its way here in Ottawa, but we’re  quite not out of the woods just yet.

Many think of architectural photography as a non-winter activity – a photo-hibernation of sorts – but the fact is, that winter can be a really great time to shoot exteriors. Admittedly, it is somewhat trickier. First, you have to be foolish enough to brave the cold (raises hand here). Second, you have got to get a nice wallop of snow, preferably a foot or more. Last but not least, unless your house is in the woods, you have to beat the plough to it. When all three conditions are met though, it can really pay off. A layer of the cold white stuff helps simplify the landscape and really put the emphasis on the subject at hand: amidst all the white, the subject emerges pristine, undisturbed. The polar landscape can definitely yield a unique look to an architectural portfolio that won’t go unnoticed.

residential exterior photographs in winter with snow - Andrew Reeves & Barry Hobin

top: Christopher Simmonds Architect

bottom left: Linebox Studio, bottom right: Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects


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