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The glass house

This is one of the most long overdue posts in the history of posts…This particular project was probably our first major residential shoot at doublespace. And what a great way to start! We had passed this house several times on our drive home and secretly hoped we would get to shoot it some day. So when Barry Hobin architect‘s team approached us to photograph it for a builder award competition, we jumped at the chance we shrugged and pretended we weren’t interested. It was only after repeated requests, much begging and supplication that finally gave in and gave it a shot… kidding, of course 🙂 This gorgeous residence, the creation of architect Barry Hobin and interior designer Michael Courdin, sits on one of the most prized pieces of land in the city and was an absolute delight to photograph.

The house features two main facades. To the east, the street fronting facade of the home features formal landscaping and a less permeable architectural treatment, while the south facade is glassy and open as it looks onto the greenspace of Hampton Park. The highlight of the residence is without a doubt the glass cube containing the living and dining room giving the impression that one is sitting right in the middle of the park. The master bedroom isn’t exactly too shabby and is punctuated by a cantilevered bathtub that floats above the backyard, peeking around the massive stone chimney to grab views and sunlight.

A big thank you to Steve Clifford for coordinating everything and making the shoot a breeze. Thanks also to Catalina Bloch for her wonderful styling. Last but not least, thanks for one of the most accommodating family/homeowners we’ve had the pleasure to meet.



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