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One year later

How has it been one year already?

Yes, it has been exactly one year since we embarked on the doublespace adventure and what a ride it has been! When we decided to launch the business, we had a (fairly) clear plan for year one. Going from plans to reality isn’t always a straightforward affair, and we would be remiss to say there have been no hiccups whatsoever. However,  we are happy to say that, overall, our first year of operation exceeded all of our expectations and we can’t wait to see what the next one has in store.

We are extremely grateful for all of you who have been integral in helping us along the way; from fellow photographers who shared their experiences with us, to incredible clients who have given us a chance to succeed with some fantastic projects, to everyone who “liked”, commented on or shared our work. We are also thankful for so many collaborators and exceptional people we have had the pleasure to meet and work with, you have been truly inspirational! 

We truly believe that passion is an essential ingredient to any successful business. As such we spend a great deal of time doing and seeking work that truly inspires us and brings out the best in us for our clients. In our first year, we focused most our efforts in developing our architectural portfolio and client base in Ottawa and Toronto and we are very excited about some of the upcoming work this year! While we have every intention to keep that a core part of our business, we want to dedicate part of our time developing our other creative interests, namely conceptual photography and this space will be hopefully featuring more of that this year.

To you our readers, thank you for your support and for being there! So we want to turn it back to you and ask you what you want to see more of in this blog. We would love it if you could take a few seconds to answer the survey question (yes, just one) below:


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