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head shots with Henderson

We met Chris Henderson through an editorial shoot earlier this year. He is the founder of the Delphi Group, president of Lumos Energy, and an all around inspiring and down to earth kind of gentleman. He recently contacted us to take a few portraits that will be used in a publication featuring him and his accomplishments later this fall.

The shoot was booked on very short notice and required a quick turnaround time. The brief: Rugged and viril!

For this we chose a location that met the two main requirements: nearby and rugged. The city centre, a popular photo spot lately, offers a multitude of possibilities, that can be further enhanced with careful lighting.

We started the day, with a very quick set-up that would take advantage of the morning sun. The direct sunlight coming from behind the camera would be perfect to cast some hard shadows on Chris’ face, while at the same time adding a great graphic quality to the image with the patterns on the staircase.

With this quick setup out of the way, we proceeded to work in the underpass, where a simple two-light setup allowed us to take advantage of the great wall surfaces at the City Centre. It didn’t hurt that Chris was a great subject to work with :).

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