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This is the fourth and last instalment from the ballerina warehouse bonanza shoot. This location has such a wealth of amazing spaces, we couldn’t resist taking a few more of Neshka framed by this gritty doorway. She pulled out all the stops for these images, executing incredible poses over and over. We kept the lighting moody and dramatic, with one key light firing through another doorway at camera left through a large softbox  and a kicker in a stripbox through another door on camera right. Another speedlight was fired in the foreground to bring up the level of ambient. After that it was all Neshka. For the second shot in the first row, we briefly toyed around with a red-gelled speedlight in the background for some added colour, but then reverted back to the more dramatic almost black and white look of the image.

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  1. Love these! I do like the red-gelled one as well. To me, the colour adds something to say about the power behind dance as a form of art or expression.


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