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Greco Interior

We thought we’d give you a little break from our ballet bonanza series and show you some recent interior work instead.

We have had the pleasure to photograph the interior of Tony Greco‘s house to feature Casaluna‘s gorgeous custom furniture. The Grecos generously opened their house and made us feel right at home. So much we didn’t want to leave, in fact we sort of want them to adopt us…anyhow…

Our assignment consisted in featuring Casaluna’s furniture and custom doors that adorned the various rooms of the house. We wanted to showcase weathered wood, natural stone, rusty metal and worn leather and to convey the sense of calmness and warmth they instilled in the house.

A big thank you to our stylist Catalina Bloch and to her invaluable contribution!

custom home interior

custom home interior

You can see more photographs in a gallery dedicated to the house here:

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  1. I love classic shapes and patterns in unexpected combinations, colors or finishes and rooms that pull together pieces from a mix of eras. My home is a mashup of Chinoiserie accents, clean lined 20th century classics, a big, old well-loved Persian rug, lots of books, records and lamps, fresh flowers and plenty of pink and red, my favorite color combination…..very very excellent …..


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