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Ballerina Bonanza Part Deux

When you have awesome talent and a great location at your disposal, well, you don’t just let go that easily :). The warehouse we used for this shoot is huge and offers a wide array of locations-within-a-location that are as varied as they are interesting.

An old storage locker offered the perfect backdrop to our theme of “grace meets grit”. The stark location, metal bars and cage are in perfect contrast to Eba’s grace and talent. First, we wanted to take advantage of the huge bay windows and the natural light flooding through them. To do this, we kept it the lighting to a fairly minimal setting with, mostly available light as backlight and a large softbox on camera right for key light.

To kick it up a notch, we decided to go bolder and more dramatic. For this we flooded the place with a hard light from outside of the cage. The shadows the direct light cast on the floors and walls adds to the graphic nature of the image and completely changes its look. A large softbox camera left provided some fill on Eba’s face and body.

See Part One of this shoot here and stay tuned for more shots from the same day with another talented dancer.

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  1. These are great! Crazy busy at work and somehow missed Part 1…love them photos too…like a gritty urban swan lake. Your use of light, form, tonal quality and use of space is inspirational….here and in the rest of your work…dont always have time to comment, but always love sneaking in here to view pix when I can. Y & A…keep up the great work!


  2. Sublime.The light is gorgeous and she is a beautiful dancer- she makes pointe work look easy.Which it most certainly is NOT.


    • Thanks Charlene (and thanks for the introduction to Eba!). She does make it all look so easy and effortless, it’s scary! We hope to have the privilege to work with her again this summer.


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