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Flashdance (??)

Meet Eba. She is sweet, talented and up for meeting two complete strangers in a sketchy, disused warehouse on a cold, damp Saturday morning, for the sole purpose of making images.

The concept for this shoot was a very simple one: contrast the grace and beauty of ballet with the dark and gritty look inside the warehouse.

We needed some dramatic lighting to take full advantage of the location. For this, the setup below, was used for half of the images here: Two Paul Buff Einstein units in gridded strip-boxes were used to create a rim light around Eba. A softbox with a speedlight was used overhead for hair light. The key light was provided by a couple of speedlights in an Apollo 28″ softbox, camera left.

For the jump shots and those below, we felt we needed something more striking and simple. For this, the two Einstein units were setup on either side of Eba, on the left, a large softbox, on the right, a 64″ PLM for a slightly edgier rim light. After, that, it was all Eba…

Big thanks to Charlene, who put us in touch with Eba, Eba’s mom, Ruth, who designed her magnificent dresses and was a trouper sticking around for the entire shoot. This is not the end of it though, with the luxury of time and a rich location, we had the opportunity for multiple setups and sublocations to work with…more to come next week.

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