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Checkered lights

We have been talking about working with athletes on a shoot for quite some time, but the idea never really materialized. Either for a lack of athlete models or lack of specific projects for them…However it all changed a few weeks ago.

It all started with this location. We drive by this disused workshop/warehouse in Ottawa on a regular basis and always wondered if it would be possible to get access for shoots. After about a week of searching, we managed to get through to the right people and secure undisturbed access to the entire place. We had (and still have) a specific idea for it, but we knew that would take a lot more time and planning than what we had on hand. So we decided to do a scouting trip coupled with a quick photoshoot. We had a reasonably good idea of what the place would look like from the inside and felt that the athletic shoot we had been talking about would be an ideal candidate to test drive the location.

Enter Janelle.This Florida Atlantic U alumna, was the captain of their NCAA team, second team All-Sun Belt nominee, and current Ottawa Fury player answered our call and came along for the shoot. And she was a fantastic “dance” partner! The thing with high level athletes is that they know their body so well, their proprioception is so on the ball, that it is really just a matter of telling them what you need and they do it. Exactly. And repeatedly. Add that to a great personality and we had a terrific shoot and we are very excited to share these images today.

For the photogeeks among you reading this, the lighting was fairly simple: elinchrom quadra head in a beauty dish as key light, and another in a 24″ softbox as a kicker/fill when needed. The ambient light was reduced just enough to darken the inside of the warehouse while bringing out the window light nicely.

athlete jumping in abandoned warehouse

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